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Cracked Tooth Treatment

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have a toothache?

It Could be a Cracked Tooth

Leaving a cracked tooth untreated may lead to complications

A cracked tooth presents itself with various types of symptoms, including pain when chewing, temperature sensitivities, or even discomfort upon the release of biting pressure.

If the crack is deep enough to expose the inner pulp tissues to bacteria, then it can become infected. An abscess may develop as a result which can cause pain, swelling and other problems.

In order to prevent these issues, Dr. Donald and Dr. Alissa Roman provide cracked tooth treatment.

woman in pain from a cracked tooth

Dr. Roman Answers Your Questions About Cracked Teeth

  • Chewing on hard objects
  • Wear and tear
  • Tooth grinding and clenching
  • An injury to the mouth
  • Multiple fillings over time on a tooth

Treatment depends on the type of crack and the severity and location. If a crack does not expose your pulp tissues, then it can be repaired easily with a filling or a crown.

However, more serious cracks and breakage of the tooth may require a root canal treatment. In these cases, the tooth can be saved unless the damage reaches below the gum line. Usually extraction is the only way to treat this problem. In rare cases where the crack begins in the tooth root, a root amputation procedure may help.

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