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Cutting Edge and Effective Technology

Did You Know?

There are many advances in technology which provide a better dental experience.

At Roman Dental Arts we strive to provide the finest care for our patients through continuing education and utilizing the most advanced and effective method of technology with the use of 3D X-Rays, Intra-Oral Cameras, Lasers and Cerec® Same-Day Crowns.
What this means for our patients is that we can diagnose more precisely and treat our patients’ conditions more effectively right in our office. There is no wasted time waiting for a lab. Care can begin quickly which results in a shorter office visit for you. Additionally, our patients feel far more confident in their care and outcomes by being treated by the same competent doctor and staff they have come to trust.


Our 3D Cone Beam X-Ray makes it even more precise to diagnose and treat. What can our 3D X-Ray do?

  • Plan surgery for impacted teeth

  • Diagnose TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder)

  • Evaluate the jaw, sinuses, nerve canals and nasal cavity

  • Accurate placement of dental implants

  • Determine bone structure and tooth orientation

  • Detect, measure and treat jaw tumors

  • Locate the origin of pain or pathology

  • Reconstructive surgery

3d-cone-beam-technology for precise diagnosis and treatment


dental assistant holding intraoral camera to capture hard to reach areas in the mouth

The earlier a dental issue is found, the simpler it is to treat. With the help of an Intraoral Camera, Dr. Donald and Dr. Alissa Roman can spot potential problems early.

What is an Intraoral Camera?

  • Tiny digital camera that captures hard to reach areas in the mouth

  • Images are displayed immediately on a screen

  • Powerful tool that finds teeth problems in all areas of the mouth

  • Looks like a pen, has no side effects and no pain or discomfort

  • Can see detailed, enlarged images of teeth surfaces, gum conditions and other details not visible by the naked eye

  • Captures clear video and images of corroded or tarnished fillings, hairline fractures, bleeding gums, plaque and several other critical teeth problems

  • Our doctors can immediately share their findings and educate you about your oral health


Laser dentistry can change your dental visit experience. Procedures can be performed in a single visit with little to no bleeding and often no novocaine. What else can a Laser do?

  • Remove cavities without a drill

  • Eliminate canker sores, cold sores and fever blisters

  • Decrease risk of infection

  • Reduce the need for sutures

  • Recontour gum lines

  • Treat periodontal disease

  • Painless and more relaxed dental experience

  • Reduce healing time

  • Perform biopsy procedures

  • Speed up teeth whitening procedures

  • Correct teeth overcrowding

waterlase dental laser used at roman dental arts


cerec same day porcelain crown machine

No need for goopy trays and messy impressions. In just one visit we can create a custom ceramic crown in our office while you sit back and relax. What does this mean for you?

  • Convenient and time saving with just one office visit

  • No temporary crowns

  • No outside lab

  • Precise computer generated measuring offers a snug fit

  • Natural-looking color matches your teeth

  • No allergic reactions

  • No dark crown margins

About a year ago I was shopping for a new dentist. In general, my teeth were not the healthiest, so I was looking for someone who would not only take care of new problems, but would also work to strengthen and improve the overall quality of my teeth. Dr. Roman was the only dentist who was up for the challenge and has been my dentist for over a year now. He has greatly improved the look and quality of my teeth, and has made me feel confident about my smile again.

Satisfied Patient

Ready For The Benefits of Modern Dentistry?

We invite you to experience the benefits of our dental technology at Roman Dental Arts in Hackensack, NJ.

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Roman Dental Arts in Hackensack, NJ is committed to providing exceptional state-of-the-art dentistry. Our patients appreciate the comfortable experience and modern technology they receive from our friendly and caring team.

While our patients travel from many locations, here are some of the communities within Bergen County we serve. New patients are always welcomed into our dental family.

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